DJ Competition

We are having a DJ competition to give one act a chance to open up ELMNTL UNDERGROUND. If you DJ or know someone who is a DJ let them know because this could be their big break! In order to compete, please follow these instructions - Entrants must reside in California
- Upload mix to Mixcloud Profile with the ELMNTL Underground Artwork
- Tag your mix "ELMNTL Underground"
- Title your mix "ELMNTL Underground + DJ name"
- Include a short description of why you DJ and what an opportunity like this could do for you
- Mix must be unique to this contest
- Mix must demonstrate your style and the underground vibe
- 30 minute mix
- Mix can be done on whatever (laptop, controller, CDJ, vinyl, etc...)
- Share your mix on social media and be sure to use #elmntl and #elmntlunderground (tag us as well)
- To be considered for judging mixes must gain a minimum of 50 plays
- Competition ends 2 weeks before the rave, January 14th

Judging will be done by a panel of ELMNTL DJs. We will be looking for a mix that stands out and embodies the underground vibe. Track selection is important and shows your individuality so play something that represents you. To be a DJ in todays day and age, self-promotion is important so mixes with a good amount of plays will get judges' attention but won't determine the winner.